Vidmate App, Which is the best app for downloading movies, videos and songs? Have any idea? What is the best movie app to download movies?  Usually we all search for a separate app for music, separate app for watching videos and as well as for movies too. I think it is vidmate app which fulfils all your needs. There are many apps for downloading movies, videos and songs but vidmate is the best app coming to this. So many apps are currently available like these apps. Vidmate has overcome all the other online services like Vimeo, dailymotion, Youtube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Metacafe and tons of media portals. Vidmate is the answer for all my questions.

vidmate 3.18

You can watch the videos in the quality you want to view and you can see the videos in full format HD. Along with low-quality memory space on your mobile phone. It is one of the movie app which we have learned from here. Therefore the memory space occupied by this app is very less compared to other apps in your android device. Hence I like to say is the memory will be saved requiring is less space. This is the app of low size.


Now it is available for PC, windows 7/8/8.1/10, iOS devices. You can use it in any of your devices. In that way, the videos you download will perfectly fit into your library and will be organized in the format that likes you. Vidmate is the app where you can download all the movies, songs and videos which you want. In this article we will let us know about what is vidmate, download apk for android, vidmate for iOS, How to download vidmate for windows 7/8/8.1/10? and features.

I strongly suggest you to download this app and download the app, which you will gain a so much of features in it. Vidmate app is available in which versions you want. All the latest and previous update apps are available in this site. Kindly make attention and download the app by looking its version, please not that there is no official vidmate in playstore. Be aware of fake apps.

What is Vidmate Movie app?

It is a free video downloader app which helps you to watch latest movies and music for free. In this Guide, we will provide you the latest vidmate apk to download this app on android phone. As I said this is available in android, PC, Windows and iOS devices. So you can easily get this fastest downloader on your windows computer, Mac PC and as well as on iPhone. According to recent survey vidmate stays in top 10 lists of best streaming app that is fastest video downloader. Vidmate is one such app which is available for free downloads on android and it offers tons of features which all intend to offer a facility.

This facility helps in downloading music, video files in a single touch directly into your device. Just download vidmate for android apk latest version. You can simply find a video or music file on the google which is available inside the vidmate app itself. Once you find the favourite video or music file just simply click on option tap on and the downloading will begin. Movie app vidmate is free for download and use. Here learn and read some information about the most exciting movie app for android.

vidmate 3.19

One way or another, you are going to like the experience being delivered inside this app. This is the reason why the vidmate app has already got over millions of downloads and millions of users are already enjoying the service being offered by this. The user interface of this app is to be simple and there is nothing need to guidance of any experts. You don’t need to worry about the app installation and downloading procedure. Users don’t need to learn the download vidmate user guide or go through any tutorial in order to learn how to make use of this app. You can easily find any video within the application; we have to say thanks to the developers who made this app so much useful.

Vidmate app features:

The downloading speed of videos is very fast, so finally you can opt to put more than one video at a time.

  • Vidmate app facilitates you in pausing, resuming and breaking the downloading pattern which is supported by the website.
  • You can also have the facility to pause, delete and restart the download when you want.
  • This app will easily precipitate you in downloading a file of more than 1 GB memory space.
  • You can download Vidmate free download of any number of videos simultaneously.
  • The download will be completed in the background itself.
  • Once the downloaded, the unwanted links will be deleted by the app itself.
  • And it also deletes the videos if you do not have any memory space on your mobile.
  • Support about 50,000 high-quality songs.
  • Supports many languages so you can be free to choose your language in which you are comfortable with.
  • You can hear the songs with better clarity and without any buffering disturbances in between.
  • Download recorded sports video without any hazard with this app.
  • You can also download various television channels as well.

Requirements to Use Vidmate Apk in Android Device?

  • Flexible to use in android version 2.2 or higher
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM required
  • Less Free Space
  • Vidmate application
  • Good Internet Connection

vidmate apk 3.19

Versions of Vidmate

The latest version of Vidmate 2.8 apk is released in September 22, 2017. It has a lot of features. We already came with this app review and installation. What’s new in vidmate 3.28 apk is mentioned over there. Kindly have a look and download the latest apps to your android device.

Download Vidmate APK for Android

Following is the link you need to tap on and it will initiate the downloading procedure of the Vidmate APK file. The app will open up once you install the same. If you’re here on a Desktop or Laptop, then first you need to download Vidmate APK file and then you need to transfer the same file into the file manager of the smartphone or the tablet.

Now, go into the Security Settings of the android device you are holding and over there you will find a specific option which says, ‘Unknown Sources.’

This option should be enabled in order to get the things going on forward as the default setting of an Android device says, that the APK file isn’t allowed to install any app.

vidmate apk 3.18vidmate 3.18

Once the options are all set and in motion, then go ahead and tap on the APK file which is just downloaded. The moment that tap happens, you will have an option to tap on, labelled, ‘Install.’ You need to tap on this option and the app will begin installing on its own. You don’t have to do anything to help the procedure.

The moment it will be over, you will have an option to tap on labelled, ‘Open’ which will launch the application. Yes, the procedure is over and I hope things went without any issues or errors. There is nothing more you need to do as everything is done and the app will be available to offer all its services. It can launch from the Launcher section or from its Shortcut inside the home screen.

Download Vidmate for PC Windows

Once the configuration is checked with the system you own then you can go ahead and begin with the following simple steps. You just have to go through each step one by one and the app will begin getting installed one by one. Let’s begin with the procedure now!

Steps 1 – The first thing you need to do is to download Bluestacks app player software. It is available for free and there is nothing you need to do in order to get it. It is 100% safe to use and credibility is really impressive. So, go ahead and get its installer file.

Step 2 – Now, double click on the installer package, which will initiate the installation procedure. Go ahead with the on-screen instructions and the software will begin getting installed.

Step 3 – Finally, click on the Finish button and start the software. Now, you will be asked to login with a Google account in order to continue using the services of this software and the Android OS system.

Step 4 – Go ahead and download Vidmate APK file from the source I have added above. You need to keep the file saved on the Desktop or someplace you can remember instantly.

vidmate for pc

Step 5 – Now, right click on the APK file and then you need to select the option which says, ‘Open with Bluestacks’, and once it does, you will have an option to install the same.

Step 6 – Once the installation is over, you will have an option to start the app and then it will begin running. You can find its Shortcut inside the All Apps section within the Bluestacks software. You can even put its shortcut at the Desktop.


The procedure is over and you need to ensure the proper connectivity of the internet connection throughout the usage. Otherwise, it will not work out that well and the data will not load up within the Vidmate app.

Vidmate for iPhone, iPad & iOS

The Vidmate app is an application which allows the users to browse, watch and download videos, music and other files onto their devices directly. It works as a browser but has an inbuilt media player and content search tools for its users to search through the web services. Download movie app for android.

In order to make use of this service, the iPhone & iPad device users have been enthusiastically waiting for the same ever since its launch. Unfortunately, we have to be the bearer of the bad news. The Vidmate app is still not available for the iOS devices legally. This is because there are some restrictions on the development of the iOS compatible Software.

Vidmate for iPhone, iOS

When you search for the application on the iTunes App Store, you will find few apps that go by the same name and logo. Beware that those are all fake apps. The Vidmate for iPhone is still not launched in the iTunes Store. So, do not download or purchase any application that goes by the same name. We shall inform you as soon as this happens.

Moreover, there are sites that claim to provide you IPA files that you can get on Jailbreak iOS devices. This is still not in confirmation that the process works. So, do not attempt the steps until you are sure about the procedure’s success and effects on your device.

Download Vidmate Video Converter for Free

The feature that is most sought after in the big set the app offers is the ability to convert Video to audio for free. That’s right! No more need to keep a separate app for converting your videos into mp3 files. Unlike other famous apps like TubeMate, Vidmate for Android and PC doesn’t require you to download a separate app for this simple conversion. You can directly download the app in an MP3 format. All your YouTube song videos can be downloaded with so much ease!

This saves your phone’s memory as well as saves a lot of time picking up each file and converting them. This might not be available for some select sites like Vimeo which host videos in a radically different format. But all other sites can get you your favourite videos downloaded solely as audio files.

Download Movies in Fast Download Mode

Vidmate is fast when it comes to video downloading. In fact, it is among the fastest video downloading apps around. But did you know you can further speed up the downloads?

Indeed, downloading videos and movies and songs can be sped up to a considerable amount using Vidmate multiple connections feature called “Fast Download Mode”. And here’s how you can access it.

  • Launch Vidmate on your Android device.
  • In the app, go to the “Me” tab. Look for “Setting”.
  • In Settings, scroll to the bottom and you should find “Fast Download Mode” as an option.
  • Toggle to enable the mode.
  • You can further manage how fast or slow your content downloads by using the fast download option button just below. Choose how many connections you want to permit with each download on WiFi and on mobile network. Be careful though. Speeding up connections on the Wi-Fi can prevent other users on the network from accessing a good quality internet connection.

How to use Vidmate?

Once completing downloaded, launch the app. There are plenty of sections to browse, which you can find on the top. Navigate either by swiping left or right, or by tapping on the section you need.

vidmate apk 3.17

Scroll through tens of movies, filtered by tags and categories galore. Browse and download other apps and games off the app. Get latest music from a variety of genres, tagged with respective singers and album names.


Q: How to Download Vidmate videos?
A: In the Homepage of Vidmate, popular video sites are listed. Enter a site and choose a video you want to download. You will see a red round button at the lower right corner of the page. Click it to download. Then you can play your videos.

Q:How to Delete Vidmate downloaded videos?
A: Enter “Download list”in the menu of Vidmate, click “Edit” button at the upper right corner of the page. Check the videos you want to delete and click the “Trash”icon at the bottom of the page.

Q: How can I browse other video sites in Vidmate?
A: In the homepage of Vidmate, you can find a search box at the top. Enter the URL of a site you want to browse, then Vidmate will bring you to the destination.

Q: If I want to find a video in Vidmate, what can I do?
A: In the menu of Vidmate, you can find “Search”. Enter it and search your favorite video. Now Vidmate provides Youtube search and Google search.

Q: If I find that one link of a TV channel is invalid, what can I do?
A: You can contact us by clicking “ Report” at the bottom of page. We will receive these reports and update links.

Q: Are there any ways to help me enter a certain site or TV channel quickly?
A: Yes. You can add a shortcut or bookmark of site or TV channel. For example, enter Youtube in Vidmate. There is a star mark at the button bar of the page. Click it and choose to add shortcut or bookmark.

Q: Where can I find downloading videos and downloaded videos?
A: In the menu of Vidmate, you can find “Download List”. Click and enter it. Or you can also find “Download List” via the button bar of the homepage of Vidmate. You can see a download icon, click it to enter.

Q: Can I check my browsing history?
A: Yes, click the blank search box and Vidmate will switch to history page.

Q: How can I get more information about Vidmate?
A: To get the latest information about Vidmate, please follow us on Facebook:

A: When I want to change the download path in Setting function, but it shows “You have no external memory card”, why?
Q: If you have two SD card in your mobile, you can change the download path. If you just have one SD card in your mobile, Vidmate will show you “ You have no external memory card”.

Wrapping Up

Finally we are here to a conclusion on Vidmate app for android, iOS, windows pc of all OS. I think you all like this article because I gave you genuine information about the entire thing. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. Hence, share this article if you like it. Support us by sharing this article and keep tuned for further updates.