Download Vidmate APK 3.18 for Android|| Updated Version

vidmate apk 3.18

Download vidmate apk 3.18 for Android. It is also now considered as a latest version of vidmate. Vidmate is one of the most popular video downloader apps available for Android devices. It can easy download videos from the most of the sites including YouTube. There is many more YouTube downloader app available for Android but because of its great features VidMate app is very popular among the users. The app is totally free and supported by most of the Android versions.

vidmate apk 3.18 for android latest versions

Features of VidMate app apk:

  1. Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe etc.
  2. Download videos by choosing video quality. You can download higher resolution videos as well as lower resolution videos.
  3. You can download videos with different formats including MP4, 3gp etc.
  4. Download videos up to 4k (available for higher end devices).
  5. 2160p or 4k videos are only playable on higher performed devices like Samsung Note 3,4,5,7 S5, S6, S7, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S6 Edge plus, S8, S8 Plus, Sony Xperia Z3, Z4, Z5, LG G3, G4, G5 and similar Android devices.
  6. The app doesn’t drain battery as it is battery optimized.
  7. Select your desired location to save the videos.
  8. Support many languages.
  9. Search videos easily with the app.
  10. The app can download encrypted videos easily.

Vidmate app is one of the best video downloaders available in today’s market. Our introduction to Vidmate apk must have made you more curious about what the app does and how it works. To satisfy your queries, you can take a quick look at this section below to get to know about the Vidmate APK features and its availability in this easy-to-understand segment. Read on below.

Vidmate app lets its users download content directly from hundreds of different sources from around the web. And being a free app, its great services come at zero extra cost. Just install and explore. One of the best features of Vidmate for Android is that it gives users access to watching over 200 television channels, absolutely free of cost. These channels span between the fields of entertainment, sports, music, news, and several others.

Vidmate Apk System Requirements

Before downloading Vidmate APK 3.18 for Android, you will need to ensure that your smartphone or tablet is compatible with the app. The system requirements for Vidmate for Android is as follows-

Vidmate for Android compatibility Android v2.2 or higher

Note: To check which Android version your device is running, go to the Settings menu and enter About (Device). Click on Software Information to view the version.

vidmate apk 3.18

Vidmate Apk 3.18 Latest Version – Features, Specs & Bug Fixes

As Vidmate is growing in stature with each passing day, it is essential for the developers that they constantly update the APK file and fixes all the issues and bugs the previous version was suffering from. And the developers did exactly the same when they launch the latest version of the Vidmate apk file in the month of July. This Vidmate apk 3.18 file comes with an improved Free Videos feature which helps the users to watch their favorite videos with 0 data cost. So check out more about the Vidmate APK latest version below:

Here are the specifications of the latest version of Vidmate apk 3.18.

File Name: Vidmate APK 3.18

Released On: 12th July 2017

Size: 5.99 MB

Required OS: Android 2.2 and above

License: Free

Language: English and 13 others

What’s New in the Vidmate 3.18?

  1. Bugs fixed to reduce crashes.
  2. Improved Free Videos feature which allows the users to watch videos with zero data cost.

Vidmate App for Android- How to Download Vidmate APK 3.18 for android?

Vidmate App is not available on the Google Play Store because of Google’s restrictions on apps that are directly in opposition to Google’s copyright rules. However, the Vidmate APK link can be found directly on this very page itself. Scroll down to get the latest version of Vidmate APK and start downloading.

Downloading Vidmate APK for Android is as easy as installing any other app. You just need to follow a few steps to set up your device. The methods are stated below in an easy-to-understand format, so follow them to start using Vidmate for Android.

1: On the Android device that you wish to download Vidmate APK on, go to the Settings menu, enter Security, and enable Unknown Sources.

2: Follow the link provided on our page on the same device’s browser and download it.

vidmate 3.18vidmate 3.18

3: Find the downloaded file using your device’s File Manager, or if you do not have one, download ES Manager. Now enter the file, and click on Install.

4: Vidmate for Android is ready to use on your device. Start exploring/ adding apps and begin to download any content that you please.

FAQ’s on Vidmate

  1. Is it available for iOS?

No. We haven’t released an official iOS version. Considering monopoly of Apple Inc. on application distribution, it is unlikely that you will get it for iOS soon.

  1. Is it available on Google Play?

No. it is not accepted in Google play because Google doesn’t allow any app that can download videos from YouTube because they own YouTube too. So, it will never be available on Google Play but there are many fake Vidmate there developed by the spammers. We recommend you to stay away from those spammers and download from our official site only.

  1. Which is better: TubeMate or VidMate?

It is one of the most asked questions. You have to understand that TubeMate was released first than VidMate. TubeMate allowed only downloading YouTube videos, not even other sites like DailyMotion. Then VidMate came in that can do a lot more and a lot better. You can download full Movies, watch Live TV, download videos from several sites and it is optimized to give you smoother performance.

Wrapping Up

Here as a result we came to conclusion on vidmate apk 3.18 download. I hope you all like this article. Up to my knowledge the information given is absolutely true about it. If you have any queries regarding the article or site kindly post them in comment box. One thing you can do is please share this article on social media with your friends.

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